A new cd to be released on March 19th 2021 for the italian duo Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet) & Simone Zanchini (accordeon): IL GATTO E LA VOLPE (The cat & the fox) for the italian based label EGEA records. A cd full of a thousand musical ideas and colors. Eight pieces, most of which written by the performers themselves, where the engaging dialogue between the two instruments, alternating popular atmospheres with other cultured ones, reaches peaks of pure lyricism.

Gabriele and Simone are a real duo: absolute masters of their instrument, with strong individual imprints and inexhaustible personal creativity, but at the same time with a great understanding and a perfect sense of general balance.

1. Choro Romagnolo (Simone Zanchini) 5:37
2. Our Spanish love song (Charlie Haden) 7:56
3. Chisciotte (Gabriele Mirabassi) 4:39
4. Impro N.5 (G. Mirabassi-S. Zanchini) 1:24
5. Felliniano (Simone Zanchini) 5:53
6. Pinocchio (Gabriele Mirabassi) 6:51
7. Sospesi a primavera (Gabriele Mirabassi) 5:45
8. Um Tom para Jobim (Sivuca) 5:37

Gabriele Mirabassi & Simone Zanchini duo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7nsNHHSLsU

EGEA: https://www.egearecords.it/attivita/suoni-e-segni-in-romagna/gabriele-mirabassi-simone-zanchini/


More infos: https://www.df-artists.com/artists/gabriele-mirabassi-simone-zanchini-duo

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